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Match Your Purpose


We believe that finding the right people to enable your business strategy is the strategy. We help you find them, and then we help you reel them in.

First, you need to know who you’re looking for. We help you define your mandate and understand how your vision translates in the market, and we call on our own connections and network to offer insights and identify the best possible candidates for you.

Then, it is time to get technical. Every search begins with a mutually agreed upon project plan to ensure key dates are booked upfront to facilitate a quality hire in a timely fashion. A search strategy is developed, geographic targets, industries and companies are identified and agreed upon. A list of names is generated, contacted information gathered and then…it’s showtime! We bring your story, role, company, and community to the prospective candidates in the defined market.

Like any good scientific process, our approach is repeatable, time tested and proven. It works, and we back it up with a guarantee on every engagement. So whatever new destination your organization wants to go next, we can help you get there.


Today’s organizations are more than just a profit centre. They are a part of a local community with complex networks of employees and stakeholders impacting the social fabric and environment in which they operate. But most organizations still view pay as if it exists on an island, apart from the changing world around them. It is time to cross the bridge. It is time to pay with purpose.

Every business has a unique culture, performance drivers and environmental factors. You need a unique compensation strategy to match. Compensation shouldn’t break the business model and create inequity between employees, managers or executive but rather be viewed as fair, market competitive and simple.  Ultimately the goal of compensation is performance, retention, and trust. It is a delicate balance, and in today’s changing world, it is less about geographic location or industry benchmark and increasingly about intent, purpose, and quality of life.  When pay reflects these aspects and is aligned with the role, responsibility, and culture, you can attract the right talent, retain your best people and realise a shared success.

We can help you develop compensation structures that align with your enterprise strategy, develop purposeful and equitable compensation that will attract and retain top talent in your industry and develop controls in your existing plans and data structures to ensure your program remains relevant and competitive as you grow and the world changes.  


Organizations today are confronted with the need to be more dynamic than ever before. To stay ahead of the curve, every organization needs to explore new frontiers between the business strategy of today and solutions for tomorrow.

Let’s face it, people are driving change and they will be the solution for change. The labour market in Canada is losing more active participants than it is gaining.  Post secondary enrollment is down, graduation rates are dropping, immigration is not keeping up. Our active workforce in Canada has two hands on the wheel and they are calling for a new way of working.

We believe these circumstances require a dynamic new way of providing solutions to our clients. We utilize our vast network of lawyers, consultants and staff to meet your ever-changing needs. With a mix of highly regarding search, compensation, and legal professionals working together to achieve a common goal we will create solutions for tomorrow, today.